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Miguel, hurt, broke up with her and his friends tried setting him up with an older girl named Romina.However, he realized he only wanted Mia and searched for a reconciliation. When she came back, Miguel had befriended a girl named Sabrina. She acts like a stylist to her friends and she takes people with bad clothes and make up as a project.Although Mia and Miguel fell in love as soon as they met, they weren't together during the first season. Gaston tried everything to get Mia to turn against Miguel but it did not work out.After seeing a video, Miguel discovers he never slept with Sabrina as he had fallen asleep and that this was all a lie fabricated by her in hopes of breaking Mia and Miguel up and having Miguel be with her.

Miguel was friends with Sabrina, but Sabrina wanted more.

They used the other person to get each other jealous.

However, Veronica and Roger meant nothing to Roberta or Diego.

When Miguel went to prison Gaston tried to break the relationship between her and Miguel.

He succeeded in making her doubt Miguels innocence.

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