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David has an even smaller role in the series, although he does make several appearances in certain episodes, including "Richter", "Cannonball", "Yin-Yang", "Splodyhead", "Fibber", "Amnesio", "Poxy", "Hunkahunka", "Swirly", "Morpholomew" and "Wishy-Washy".

He was also mentioned in "Finder", where Nani was getting ready to go on a date with David, as well as in "Shush", where Lilo thought Nani was talking bad about David and calling him dumb to a friend on the phone while eavesdropping on her through Experiment 234 (Shush), only for Nani to reveal that she was talking to David about a dumb male character they saw in a film they just watched.

He can be very romantic and bashful when it comes to Nani, but cares for her deeply.

He is also very calm, going along with whatever is happening and not losing his temper or freaking out and being peaceful, preferring talking and peacemaking rather than violence.

He treats Lilo like a little sister and helps watch out for her.

He also enjoys hanging out with Jumba and Pleakley, inviting Jumba to go surfing with him and going along with Pleakley's plan to make Nani jealous by having Pleakley pretend to be his date in Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch (though he was very reluctant and knew it wouldn't work).

He is also one of the only four recurring human characters (the other three being Victoria, Cobra Bubbles, and later Mertle) aside from Lilo's family who is aware of the aliens and experiments. He is very kind and a good loyal friend to Nani, Lilo and their adopted ʻohana.

She then wished David back to normal and he made up with Nani, who was more than happy to have him back the way he was.

She wished David was smart so he could be more attractive to Nani but it had the opposite effect because it made him too smart.

This was caused by the wishing experiment Wishy-Washy.

In "Swirly", David appears briefly in an introduction to the "Look at This" show.

In "Morpholomew", David was shown working as a fire burner at a luau before being interrupted by Lao Shi who began fire breathing to make a heart shaped fireball to impress Mrs. In "Wishy-Washy", he appears when Lilo wanted to have a perfect family consisting of her, Nani, and David so it would look like she had a normal family.

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