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, which finds his Simon trying to break things off with the travel writer he's been dating (Dawber). So they were pretty pissed off at me and didn't help me out. When Simon later changes his mind and tries to woo her back, she accuses him of acting "like an alien." (While the actors nixed any reference to "shazbot" or "na-nu na-nu," they say CBS insisted on at least one nod to their classic series.) Since their sitcom ended, Williams and Dawber have seen each other on only a few occasions (on the set of Williams's 1991 film and at a Big Brothers Big Sisters charity event she brought him to), but both slide easily back into the breezy camaraderie that made Mork and Mindy one of TV's most memorable couples. ” In any case, she believes she could be happy out of the limelight, dividing her time between her causes (gun control and solar power) and between her Hollywood Hills bungalow and a 289-acre lakeside spread in the Catskills.She has shared quarters with actor-model Philip Coccioletti for 2½ years, but they don’t plan marriage unless they decide to have children.This meant that he often traveled, leaving his wife Elyse Knox, a former actress, to look after the couple's three children. Even when his father was home, their relationship was not easy.

“She’s brought a whole new confidence into my life.” Victoria was just the beginning of Andy’s change of fortune. ” Dawber, meantime, was wondering whether there was life after Mork & Mindy, which plummeted last year after being slotted against CBS’ Archie Bunker’s Place.

Williams: I suggested her but thought, "If it happens, wonderful." I wasn't sure we'd get her.

'" I'm lucky that, this time, my character is almost as out there as Robin's is. I love how she says to Simon's daughter, Sydney [Sarah Michelle Gellar], "Oh, balls!

“It’s the best thing that could have happened,” she says. With no formal voice training, he quickly went hoarse tackling Arthur Sullivan’s arias.

“My voice was so worn out that when I went to blast, it came out like a croak. Three weeks of work with a New York singing coach put the baby Bee Gee back on key and extended his range six notes, but he was still worried about his dramatic abilities.

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