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It was for this reason that they started researching more thoroughly into the history behind each building that they post about on their account. It’s a careful balancing act between style and substance: they have hundreds of posts lined up, and thousand more submissions in the pipeline, but what guides them when choosing the next post is keeping in mind the art of curating an organized feed that’s easy on the eye.

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V., supported by the state, the local savings bank and the town of Ahrensburg, took over maintaining the property. : @wikipedia • #Accidentally Wes Anderson #Wes Anderson #Vsco Architecture #Vsco #Hamburg #Symmetrical Monsters #Ahrensburg #Accidental Wes Anderson #Germany Una publicación compartida de @ accidentallywesanderson el Normally, then, they wouldn’t post three pictures of the same city in a row.But, whereas “Reddit is small pond, Instagram is a sea of content.” Searching through hashtags that might present some Anderson-friendly content (#emptyseats opens up a whole world of Wes-esque posts we would have never thought to search for), they “fell down a rabbit hole” of undiscovered content which went hand-in-hand with the director’s quirky, deadpan, atmospheric shots._________________________ S-Bahn Train | Berlin, Germany | 1930 • • The Berlin S-Bahn is a rapid transit railway system in and around Berlin that has been in operation under this name since December 1930 having been previously called the special tariff area Berliner Stadt-, Ring- und Vorortbahnen (Berlin city, orbital, and suburban railways) • • With individual sections dating from the 1870s, the S-Bahn was formed in time as the network of suburban commuter railways running into Berlin • • The core of this network, that is the cross-city ("Stadtbahn") East-West line and the circular Ringbahn were converted from steam operation to a third-rail electric railway in the latter half of the 1920s with a number of suburban trains remaining steam-hauled, even after the Second World War • • Before the construction of the Berlin Wall in 1961, the Berlin S-Bahn had grown to about 335 kilometers.“It’s only through finding the hidden gems, its side streets and quirky details, can you truly get to know somewhere,” says Wally. : @wikipedia • #Accidentally Wes Anderson #Wes Anderson #Vsco Architecture #Vsco #Symmetrical Monsters #Accidental Wes Anderson #Palermo #Buenos Aires #Argentina Una publicación compartida de @ accidentallywesanderson el Having such a crammed inbox is, by now, nothing out of the ordinary for Accidentally Wes Anderson.And indeed, since posting an Instagram story a few days ago, they’ve received thousands of welcome messages, recommendations, and insiders’ tips for the best ways to wander the streets of Buenos Aires. A few months into the creation of the account, Wally and Amanda had to buy a separate phone to manage the sheer amount of activity it generated.

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