Who zooey deschanel dating

To round out our fun little exploration into the idiosyncrasies of LSD, allow me to introduce mine: musical taste. My dad’s a musician, and growing up my family never gave a single f*ck about sports., but we talked about and listened to music incessantly.My Okc username is a reference to a semi obscure album that I love, and I of vintage boy band hits and Taylor Swift ballads in my musical rotation, thank you very much.Since neither Fallon nor Deschanel mentioned splitting from their respective spouses or commented on the rumor, it could soon pass. Check out some of the tweets that made the news go viral on social media: Anyone else catch @Zooey Deschanel all over @jimmyfallon then hurried to back away after they realized they were on camera? Find out if Jimmy Fallon and Zooey Deschanel are dating!

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Fans of the stars are going crazy on Twitter with the rumor that the two might be together.So if you like him the best, that’s a red flag for me.Either that, or you know nothing about the Beatles and just picked the most famous/obvious one as an answer.But that seems to have taken a back seat as the focus turned to his dating life.Now, it might just be wild speculation, but fans are still abuzz about it.

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