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Trump publicly and affectionately calls her "Hopester." While that could be a friendly gesture that's earned by sticking by Trump's side through all this political antics, it could also be a cute nickname you give your 28-year-old girlfriend.Rumors have been circling this past week that Trump might have a mistress in Florida.“The Observer will continue to chew this over and discuss it internally and externally, as we’ve been responsibly doing.We will cover developments as we see fit and to the degree that we can do so without unnecessary conflicts, real or perceived,” editor Ken Kurson said.He is also involved in his family’s real estate company, Kushner Properties. Jared Kushner was born in New Jersey, and graduated from the Frisch School, a yeshiva high school in Paramus, before attending Harvard University and New York University School of LAw.

According to multiple sources I have on this-it’s an open secret in the White House and everyone seems like they’re in on it-except the public.

Again, multiple sources are saying [Melania] is fully aware and not bothered.

As I and others have tweeted-she was planning on leaving the marriage until Trump’s unexpected victory.

This is Hope Hicks, the president's longest serving political aide and the former White House Director of Strategic Communications who recently replaced Anthony Scaramucci as the White House Communications DIrector.

But if you take into consideration the heavy amount of awkwardness that exists between Trump and his wife, Melania Trump, her rumored boyfriend and his rise to the oval office, it's not that hard to sleep with them.

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