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It’s possible that Semenya will at some point be declared gold medalist in the 20 competitions.) Semenya's best performances drifted upward from 2010 through 2015, possibly due to changes in her hormones levels, as well as typical variations in motivation, training, injury, and so on.

Because in early 2015, a 19-year-old Indian sprinter named Dutee Chand, with a condition similar to Semenya’s, challenged the IAAF’s Hyperandrogenism Regulations in the Court of Arbitration for Sport, the "Supreme Court" of the sports world.

As a result, her body might produce atypically high (for a woman) levels of natural testosterone, which might, in turn, enhance her running performance.

She’s big, muscular, deep-voiced, and this year’s fastest woman at 800 meters, having run a lifetime best of .33 on July 15.

Some believe she shouldn’t be allowed to compete as a woman.

Hasn’t Semenya been the subject of controversy before? But there have been several important plot twists since then.

Her speed and appearance created a media frenzy, while some of her competitors voiced suspicions regarding Semenya’s sex.There is no equivalent rule disqualifying high-T men from competition.Second, both Chand and the IAAF agreed that there should be a distinct female category of competition, and such competition should be “fair.” Third, the Hyperandrogenism Regulations are unlike other athletic bans in that they are essentially a lifetime ban, not a time-limited ban.On July 24, 2015, the CAS issued a 161-page report that sided with Chand, thus striking down the Hyperandrogenism Regulation.(The IAAF, the losing side in the Dutee Chand case, was given two years to gather more evidence and re-submit to the Court.

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