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B28c 5110, 7/16 4 Claims The mortar mixer disclosed herein provides a con- venient self-propelled portable mixer and mortar box combination which enables bricklayers and other such persons to move their mortar from the place where the dry mortar is received to the place where the mortar is being used or where bricks are being laid with the mini- mum of physical effort.

3,430,933 PRLMER ATTACHMENT FOR CARBURETORS Melvin C. 2, Box 22, Potlatch, Idaho 83855 FUed Dec 14, 1967, Ser.

Hereby dedicates to the Public all of the remaining term of said patent.

Kuechler, Jenkintown, Pa., assignor to En- toleter, Inc., Hamden, Conn., a corporation of Del- aware Continuation-in-part of application Ser.


Austin, Assistant Secretary for Science and Technology. A patent would be issued to the assignee of record only if specifically requested at time of payment of the issue fee ; the request to be entered in the appropriate space of the Fee Transmittal notice.

O autor Walcyr Carrasco promete ter segredos suficientes para revelar até o final da novela.

All persons who desire to present their views, objections, recommendations, or suggestions in connection with the pro- posed changes are invited to do so on or before March 31, 1969. Therefore, under the authority contained In section 6 of the Act of July 19.

Y., a corporation of Massachusetts FUed May 23, 1967, Ser.

641,354 Claims priority, app Ucation Germany, Sept. Metzger, Menio Park, Calif., assignor to The Flintkote Company, New York, N.

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