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The latest version is 1 and it was updated on soft112on 2018-03-25. Dating Pro Open source is a way to go if you wish to start your own professional Dating, Networking or Personals site.See below the changes in each version: os Date is a free dating script built using PHP/My SQL, which competes favorably with ae Dating, Web Date, Dating Pro, and other dating systems. If you know PHP and My SQl or have a developer at hand you'll be able to edit the code and make any...This is one of the problems with a free dating website: because it’s free you find that many people will create and abandon their profile in a short time, so you find a lot of useless profiles floating in the ether.

The app is currently available in English and it was last updated on 2004-09-10.

It’s a free dating website that allows its members to flirt, chat and potentially hook up, without costing a thing. Even a free site will require that you pay in time, and that’s a precious commodity.

How does Web Date fair, then, in finding you a date without wasting your time?

You get a stable dating site solution with 14 free design templates, RTL language...

If you’re looking for a date but haven’t a cent to spend or the time to go crawling the “usual dating haunts” then Web might be your fairy god mother.

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