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The study, "No one Knows you're a Dog on the Internet: Implications for Proactive Police Investigation of Sexual Offenders," has been accepted for publication in "At his trial, he testified that he never for a moment believed he was talking to a minor; he assumed he was chatting with a bored housewife pretending to be 15." In hindsight, his perception was the TRUE REALITY.

He was baited by a bored police officer pretending to be 15.

Ritter didn't receive much public gratitude for his efforts to avert a costly and destructive war.

weapons inspector, was among the most vocal in insisting that the Bush administration fabricated its claims of "weapons of mass destruction" in order to justify the U. Instead, he lost his career and his life gradually unraveled.Responsibility to protect the child or teen from harmful content rests with the parent-not Yahoo.Teens active on message boards are no longer segregated from adults, and are now protected under the administration of "family" supervision.Receivers, in contrast, were misled to believe that they might be talking with individuals ranging in age from young children to the elderly.The pairs then chatted with each other for 30 minutes.

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