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Like Jesse, it is just a bit rough around the edges but has a heart of gold and promotes God as the one people should seek.

Sex: Couple kisses; woman kisses man briefly on neck; a woman catches her husband in bed with another woman in a hotel, but the scene is not graphic and not condoned, and they divorce and she finds God; man ogles woman; a pastor buys a movie ticket for a woman who jokingly says, "Don't think I'm sleeping with you because you bought me a movie ticket."Other: Death and grief; tension between characters; an angry waitress puts cream, still in its package, in a woman's coffee and later puts spices in it, but she eventually apologizes.; a pastor whose wife died despite his prayers says he doesn't ask for anything for himself anymore but does pray for others; a man tries to cause problems for a pastor and claims that he is still married to the woman the pastor is dating, but really she signed the divorce papers; a woman looks at statue of Jesus in church and asks what He has against her, but later she states, "With God, I'm never alone.

But Jesse’s candid wit, eccentric questions, and big city ways clash with the local community.

When Jesse butts heads with the town pastor, Ben, who also happens to be her ex-husband’s brother-in-law, the unlikely duo discover what they are looking for: each other.

A friendly, French environment supports this philosophy.

As one of our party leaders said; "The classroom situation is always artificial to some degree. If they know that when they want something, they have to ask for it in French, they will do it! At the end of our one week programme of French language immersion, pupils leave having had a great time in a fun but educational environment.

Her son-in-law, Ben (Joe Williamson), a pastor, becomes enchanted with Jesse, who is upfront, eccentric, and funny.

Located deep in Epping Forest, but only minutes from Chingford Station (London E4) the White house - dating back to 1754 - is the ultimate London rural retreat, combining stunning Georgian elegance with a real sense of escape.

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The Château is all about French language immersion.

Everything that is done at the Chateau involves using practical spoken French to convey meaning, and the children are encouraged to speak French to get what they want.

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