Youth pastor dating student

All the while, the rest of the Scriptures are neglected and replaced by numerous teachings about dating and sexual purity. Unfortunately, all of these so-called purity messages that are given end up confusing and hurting many students.

Those who have had sex or watched pornography feel as though they have been permanently defiled; to the rest of the church, they have the equivalent status of a leper. Everybody has the opportunity to be born-again by what Jesus did on the cross—and that means everybody has the opportunity to become pure-again.

This is a vital message that must be talked about within every youth group and church. It’s important that students feel like they can talk about any issues they are having without feeling judged by others, especially their leaders and pastor. If someone in a dating relationship explains how he or she has been struggling to not be affectionate towards one another, immediately the leader tells them what to do, sometimes even saying they must break up.

This means they can be comfortable explaining how they are lustful, how they’ve been “hooking up” with guys/girls, how they’ve been cheating on tests, cursing at their parents, dealing with anger, depression, anything! The point is, they are usually very quick to give the solution instead of truly listening to the student.

He actually holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Christian Ministries from Arizona Christian University in Phoenix.

According to People, the couple met in Arizona after Williams attended a spiritual retreat led by Johnson last March. Most of their courtship happened long distance and so Michelle didn’t tell people about seeing Chad until about July last year when the couple shared their first kiss while attending a wedding in the Dominican Republic.Youth Pastors need to ensure that they are not, even if unintentionally, showing students that you are made pure so long as you don’t have sex.Unfortunately, such a teaching can have students neglect the rest of their lives and singularly focus on their sexuality.All of it is a part of purity, but students will not open up if leaders, and especially the pastor, do not know how to listen to them. This will, without a doubt, turn the student away from talking to them anymore.Too often leaders and pastors can be results-oriented, quickly trying to solve the problem that they see. Jesus makes us pure, and we should consistently thank Him for that!

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