Zac levi dating plane dating flowchart

“Zac’s home is like a fraternity house,” explains Jeremy Boreing, Levi’s business partner, “home church” pastor and close friend.

“I’ve always had a really strong measure of faith,” he says. I never was torn other than the normal day-to-day where you wonder and have doubts—but it always comes around.” Levi admits to experiencing his share of the typical teenage rebellion—a time in his life when he was searching for a good time and not much else.

Step into the house of Zac Levi on any ordinary day and you’re likely to find more than you expected.

Peek into the living room and you’ll see three or four people sitting around, tapping away on laptops. Walk upstairs and you’ll find an editing facility with a commercial editor hard at work.

Two of the bedrooms are always used by someone who needs a place to stay while they’re struggling financially.

Saturdays are open for barbecues and Sundays are for home church.” It’s an unlikely setting for a celebrity—many of whom live lives of seclusion, purchasing homes in obscure corners of the Hollywood Hills or deep inside the walls of gated communities.

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